Clintmich Mods

                           The Fabulous Texture Shack

      Here you will find a variety of HI-RES texture replacers for Fallout New Vegas. I've included numerous miscellaneous items, and replacers for Weapons(workin on the tweaked versions, comming soon) and HI-RES Health/Chems are also found here. All textures are available for download individually. This way, you only have to download the textures you want. Or you can download the Retex files included)

                 Introducing Nuka Beer 

     Nuka Beer, and all kinds of collectables to go with it. Nuka Beer vending machines and Billboards are scattered throughout the mojave wastelands. Nuka Beer can also be found at a local liquer store, or from your friendly neighborhood bartender.  A complete Nuka Beer Bottling Plant and Brewery has also been added to the wastes. If you're lucky, you might even come across an old wrecked Nuka Beer truck. Its contents are filled with all the free Nuka Beer you can drink!

Bottems Up !

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                                 31 New Food Items

     Are you a hardcore gamer that's sick of seeing the same old Insta Mash and Cram boxes every time you have to look for food? Or are you just bored of the same old food you see lying about. Lets face it, the only can good you can consume is a can of pork and beans! I like variety! Which is why I created these new food items. Finally the wasteland is just a little bit less boring.

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                                   New Weapon House

     The Weapon House has Everything it had before, and alot more! Location is the same as it was. Located in Nipton up on a hill.
The Weapon House has totally been Re-Designed. All Weapons that have previously been on display have been moved to categorized lockers. The Main level of the house has now been turned into a complete player home.
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                           105 Unique Skill Magazines

     This Mod adds 105 completely unique skill magazines to the game of Fallout New Vegas. The texture maps are much larger than the vanilla magazines, so the unique skill magazines are in HI-RESOLUTION. All magazines add 3 permanent skill points to the skill associated with it, and have unique covers. You wont see the same cover twice.
     The magazines are scattered throughout the wastelands just like the vanilla magazines. But unlike their Vanilla counterpart, they are all completely unique. Meaning, there is only ONE copy of each magazine to be found in the wastelands.

                           Unique Items & Collectables

     Have you been filling your player home with ugly repetitive junk? Are your shelves over loaded with Nuka-Cola truck toys, Garden gnomes and useless Dinosaur souvenirs? Well if they are, then this mod is for you! Even if you're not a collector, this mod will most definately add more variety to your gaming experience.

     There has been 93 New Unique items added to the game of Fallout New Vegas. Some of the items are hidden well, others are right out in the open for you to see. All are scattered throughout the wastes.

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