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What is Paradise Lost?

Paradise Lost is an adventure mod that brings new locations, new NPCs, 13 new quests, and a few new weapons to the Mojave wastelands.

The Main Story

Swanky Joe, the owner of the one and only strip club and theatre in Freeside has a problem. He and his girls are being driven crazy from the endless piano playing originating from the stardust theatre. The Theatre is always empty, so Joe seems a bit puzzled.
Go through a series of quests to help out Joe and his girls.Your travels will lead you in many directions over the Mojave,To a New Land called Paradise Lost, and also to an Alien space station.

Engage in Epic battles with difficult foes, relentless creatures,and Aliens.Beautiful new areas to explore await your every turn. Stock up on stimpaks,guns and ammo!(cause you're gonna need em!)

Side Quests

There are several side quests included in this plugin as well. Some of the side quests branch off into seperate storylines of their own. Some of which have absolutly nothing to do with the main questline, but are still super fun to do.Most side quests take place up in the mountains at a new location(the RangerStation Tower)near Jacobstown.

Voice Acting

154 lines of new dialogue.All of which is COMPLETELY VOICED.

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