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Fallout 3

NES Zapper

This mod adds:
  • Nintendo Entertainment System
  • NES Zapper
  • NES Games
  • NES Accessories
The Zapper's a laser pistol, it uses small energy 
cells as ammo.
The NES, games, and accessories are collectible items only. You can take them, and display them in your player home.(NES Games are not playable)


Nexus Mod Sites link: NES Zapper

Urban Food & Chems Re-Tex

This mod re-textures all health items 
and chems for Fallout 3 in HI-Res.
It also re-textures all Urban Food Items to be more visually appealing, and more realistic.
This mod is a port of 2 of my combined Fallout New Vegas mods,Urban Food Re-Tex, and Hi-Rez Chems 
and Health Re-Texture.


Nexus Mod Sites link: Urban Food And Chems Re-Tex

Pipboy Custom 3002

This mod is a port of my FNV mod. It adds a new skin for the pipboy. A Custom 3002 model.

Features and Changes include:
  • 2048x2048 texture maps
  • New Radation Gauge
  • New Dial and Gauge
  • New Switch
  • New Emblem
  • Pipboy Emblem enlarged and changed
  • Bar code and serial # added
  • Bigger buttons for items,stats,data
  • Removed all bad looking nicks and scratches
  • Removed LT and RT buttons
  • Removed fingerprints from screen
  • Higher Resolution


Nexus Mod Sites link: Pipboy Custom 3002

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