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Code Name Raider

Currently under development in Unreal Engine 4. Heavily inspired by the classic NES game Jackal
Code Name Raider aims to bring the retro feel of top down gaming back to the modern era. Go through missions to bring down the baddies. Shoot and destroy a wide variety of foes. Collect cash on the way for weapon upgrades, and extra ammo. 
You've been recruited by the best to take down the worst, and your code name is Raider!

Metal T-Shirts

A mod for Fallout 4. Metal band T-shirts.  Metallica, and Iron Maiden(The Trooper). Probably won't make any more. This mod is basically ready for a release. Not planning on expanding this, as it was originally just for personal use.

NES Zapper/Duck Hunt Targets

A mod for Fallout 4. This zapper asset is making it's rounds. Currently in game and working great! Not much left to do in the mod. I just have to buckle down and get it done!

Metal Gear Re-Created

A mod for Fallout New Vegas. A total re-creation of the first NES/MSX2 Metal Gear in Fallout New Vegas. This is a LARGE mod and is taking many years to develop. The mod takes place in a virtual holo simulator. Taking you all the way to South Africa. Currently all the main areas are built. They just need to be populated with enemies, bosses, and props. There's still a lot of work to be done on this mod.
The Perfect Cut Landscaping 

Currently being developed in Unreal Engine 4
Grass is a partially open world simulation game. Inspired by my own company, The Perfect Cut Landscaping. 
Play the part of a lonely landscaper trying to make ends meet. Take jobs such as mowing lawns, moving landscaping materials to job sites. And even operating heavy machinery. Get your jobs done, and get a well earned pay check! 

NOTE: This game is in early alpha development stages.
(Working Title)

AWOL is being developed in Unreal Engine 4. It's a side scroller action game set in a 3D environment. 
Take the role of a private that just enlisted into a military organization which isn't what it seems. After you find out that their intention is to assimilate you into a cyborg, you decide to go AWOL. It's a battle for your humanity, and only you can fight your way to freedom.

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