Clintmich Mod Island . . .


Mod Island has been overhauled, re-launched and updated with a new format!
Taking on a new design to be better viewed on mobile devices, while you're on the go!
Some old features have been discontinued, but a whole new selection of content is now available.
Mod island is now dedicated to ALL clintmich mods on Nexus Mod Sites,, and 
Steam WorkshopIn addition to mods, there is a section for indie game releases as well.
The modding tools section has also been updated with new tool links, and re-named to "Tools". 
If you need to contact me regarding any of my mods or indie game titles,
 please see the Contact tab in the menu bar. 
Thanks for visiting, and happy modding/developing!


The overhaul of Mod Island is now officially complete! A week before the deadline! 
All links/features are now fully functional.

Thanks for your patience during our format change!
Enjoy Mod Island!

The current featured content is Duck Hunt VR!
I created this game in Unreal Engine 4 just for fun!
The game is compatible with the HTC Vive.
It's FREE to download. Give it a shot!

Click the Indie Games tab in the Menu bar for more details, and a play through video!

clintmich 2019

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