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Introducing Nuka Beer

Nuka Beer, and all kinds of collectibles to go with it. Nuka Beer vending machines and Billboards are scattered throughout the mojave wastelands. Nuka Beer can also be found at a local liquer store, or from your friendly neighborhood bartender.  A complete Nuka Beer Bottling Plant and Brewery has also been added to the wastes. If you're lucky, you might even come across an old wrecked Nuka Beer truck. Its contents are filled with all the free Nuka Beer you can drink!

Bottoms Up !


Nexus Mod Sites link: Introducing Nuka Beer

105 Unique Skill Mags

This Mod adds 105 completely unique skill magazines to the game of Fallout New Vegas. The texture maps are much larger than the vanilla magazines, so the unique skill magazines are in HI-RESOLUTION. All magazines add 3 permanent skill points to the skill associated with it, and have unique covers. You wont see the same cover twice.
The magazines are scattered throughout the wastelands just like the vanilla magazines. But unlike their Vanilla counterpart, they are all completely unique. Meaning, there is only ONE copy of each magazine to be found in the wastelands. 


Nexus Mod Sites link: 105 Unique Skill Mags

Unique Items & Collectibles

Have you been filling your player home with ugly repetitive junk? Are your shelves over loaded with Nuka-Cola truck toys, Garden gnomes and useless Dinosaur souvenirs? Well if they are, then this mod is for you! Even if you're not a collector, this mod will most definately add more variety to your gaming experience.

There has been 93 New Unique items added to the game of Fallout New Vegas. Some of the items are hidden well, others are right out in the open for you to see. All are scattered throughout the wastes.


Nexus Mod Sites link: Unique Items/Collectibles

New Weapon House

The Weapon House has every weapon and piece of armor in the game. Located in Nipton up on a hill.

The Weapon House has totally been Re-Designed. All Weapons that have previously been on display have been moved to categorized lockers. The Main level of the house has now been turned into a complete player home.


Nexus Mod Sites link: New Weapon House

Fabulous Texture Shack

Here you will find a variety of HI-RES texture replacers for Fallout New Vegas. I've included numerous miscellaneous items, and replacers for Weapons and HI-RES Health/Chems are also found here. All textures are available for download individually. This way, you only have to download the textures you want. Or you can download the Retex files included)


Nexus Mod Sites link: Fabulous Texture Shack

31 New Food items

Are you a hardcore gamer that's sick of seeing the same old Insta Mash and Cram boxes every time you have to look for food? Or are you just bored of the same old food you see lying about. Lets face it, the only can good that's consumable is a can of pork and beans! I like variety! Which is why I created these new food items. Finally the wasteland is just a little bit less boring. 


Nexus Mod Sites link: 31 New Food Items

Guitar Case Guns

This mod adds 7 Guitar Case Miniguns and a Guitar Case Flame Thrower to the wastelands.

The Guitar Case Miniguns are equal in power and performance compared to the FNV vanilla miniguns. The only exception is that they are 5 pounds lighter. They require 5mm rounds to operate. There is an ammo box on the back side of the cases that work with vanilla animations
for reloading. You can also mod them to have increased, or decreased rates of fire. I included a
custom pipboy icon, and custom sounds for the guns as well.


Nexus Mod Sites link:  Guitar Case Guns

Assassins Arsenal

While travelling the wastes of the Mojave, somewhere you remember hearing about an ancient weapon chamber. It's said to hold blades of that you have never seen, and are completely new to the wasteland. Maybe it's time you look into this intriguing matter further. And take these weapons for yourself!

This mod adds 21 weapons to the Mojave wastelands.All models/meshes are completely new. These weapons are all designed with the assassin in mind,but can be used by any character type. No Armors have been added to this mod.


Nexus Mod Sites link:  Assassins Arsenal

Urban Food Re-Tex

This mod re-textures all Urban Food Items to be more visually appealing, detailed, and more realistic.

Use this mod together with my other mod:

Using both mods together will enhance your food hunting experience throughout the entire Mojave wasteland.


Nexus Mod Sites link: Urban Food Re-Tex

Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost is an adventure mod that brings new locations, new NPCs, 13 new quests, and a few new weapons to the Mojave wastelands.

The Main Story

Swanky Joe, the owner of the one and only strip club and theater in Freeside has a problem. He and his girls are being driven crazy from the endless piano playing originating from the stardust theater. The theater is always empty, so Joe seems a bit puzzled.
Go through a series of quests to help out Joe and his girls. Your travels will lead you in many directions over the Mojave, to a new land called Paradise Lost, and also to an alien space station.

Engage in epic battles with difficult foes, relentless creatures, and Aliens. Beautiful new areas to explore await your every turn. Stock up on stimpaks, guns and ammo!(You're gonna need em!)

         -This Mod Requires FO3 Mothership Zeta DLC-


Nexus Mod Sites link: Paradise Lost

         Hi-Res Chems & Health          Re-Texture

This mod re-textures all health items and chems for Fallout New Vegas in Hi-Res. 

Texture maps are: 1024x1024


Nexus Mod Sites link: Hi-Res Chems/Health Re-Texture

Nintendo Zapper Pistol

This mod adds a Nes Zapper pistol to the town of Nipton.
This weapon fires .22 rounds. It is more powerful than a vanilla .22 and LOUDER!

This Nes Zapper pistol is originally in the mod Unique Items/Collectibles. I decided to upload this as an individual mod for those of you not using Unique Items & Collectibles. So all you gun freaks/gun collectors can have a go at some Nintendo Power! Try it for a bit of fun!

This mod is not intended to be serious, and is most definitely not lore friendly. But using the NES Zapper has a fun factor of all its own!


Nexus Mod Sites link: Nintendo Zapper Pistol

Unique Weapon Pack

This mod adds 10 Unique weapons to the game.  

Weapons in the Unique Weapons Pack include:

  • Lucky Lady - silenced.22
  • Black Betty - 9mm
  • Intimidator - 10mm
  • Custom.44 Revolver
  • Martha - Service Rifle
  • Punisher - Sawed off Shotgun
  • Custom Hunting Revolver
  • Engraved Knife
  • Custom.357 Revolver
  • Death to Humans - Alien Pistol


Nexus Mod Sites link: Unique Weapon Pack

             Hi-Def .357 Revolver               Re-Texture

Re-textures the .357 Revolver, and adds a Hi-Definition engraved hand grip.


Nexus Mod Sites link: Hi-Def 357 Revolver Re-Texture

Pipboy Custom 3002

This mod adds a new skin for the Pipboy. A Custom 3002 model.

Features and Changes include:
  • 2048x2048 texture maps
  • New Radiation Gauge
  • New Dial and Gauge
  • New Switch
  • New Emblem
  • Pipboy Emblem enlarged and changed
  • Bar code and serial # added
  • Bigger buttons for items,stats,data
  • Removed all bad looking nicks and scratches
  • Removed LT and RT buttons
  • Removed fingerprints from screen
  • Higher Resolution


Nexus Mod Sites link: Pipboy Custom 3002


This mod adds a poster of Charlie Sheen with his famous phrase "Winning", to the Prospector Saloon in Goodsprings.

This Mod is for comedic value only and is not by any means lore friendly.


Nexus Mod Sites link: WINNING

Mystery Box


Q. What does this mod do?
A. It's a mystery

Q. Where is it?
A. Doc Mitchells Bedroom



Nexus Mod Sites link: Mystery Box

Lonesome Road Companion Passage

This mod places a door by the Canyon Wreckage and a door by the exit to The Divide. With these passages you can travel back and forth from the Lonesome Road to the Mojave with your companions. Map markers have been placed by each entrance for easy fast travel.

*NOTE* It is recommended that you use the DLC door to gain access to The Divide the first time!(So it wont mess up the questline) After that, you can return to the Mojave and retrieve your companion using The Companion Passage.

-This Mod Requires Lonesome Road DLC-


Nexus Mod Sites link: Lonesome Road Companion Passage

Big MT Crater Exit Passage

Did you forget to bring that special gun before starting the Old World Blues DLC? Is your favorite Armour stashed away at your player home? Did you forget to stock up on Stimpaks? Is your ammo supply lower than it should be? Well have no fear! Big MT Crater Exit Passage is HERE!

This mod places an exit passage in the Big MT Crater(Marked with a Welcome To Vegas sign). This exit will allow you to travel back to the Mojave anytime before actually finishing the Old World Blues DLC. There is also an entrance placed at the Drive-In(In the Mojave by the Satellite). You can travel back to the Big MT Crater anytime though this passage.

Map markers have been added to the passageways as well, so fast travelling back to an entrance or exit is easy!

             -This Mod Requires Old World Blues DLC-


Nexus Mod Sites link: Big MT Crater Exit Passage

Zion Exit Cave

This mod places a cave entrance/exit in Zion, thus making it possible to return to the Northern Passage in the Mojave Wasteland.

Inside the Northern Passage I have placed a personal (player owned) storage footlocker. Use this footlocker to store all your equipment and bring your weight down to the required weight restriction. Talk to Jed and enter Zion. Once you are in Zion you are free to return to the Northen Passage(using MY cave exit) to retrieve all the items you left behind. Woo Hoo!

This new Entrance/Exit can be used anytime to travel back and forth from the Mojave Wasteland and Zion. A map marker for the cave has been added as well, so just fast travel from where ever you are in Zion to the cave exit, and you'll be back in the Mojave in no time. Enjoy!

               -This Mod Requires Honest Hearts DLC-


Nexus Mod Sites link: Zion Exit Cave

Sierra Madre Exit Door

This mod places a portal to the Sierra Madre in the BOS Bunker.

With this portal you can travel back and forth freely from Sierra Madre to New Vegas Wastelands. And NO, your collar doesn't explode!

                -This Mod Requires Dead Money DLC-


Nexus Mod Sites link: Sierra Madre Exit Door

Fallout Desktop Icons

This is a simple file with 19 Ready to use Fallout desktop icons. Use them to customize your PC Desktop.
All icon images are in .ico format.

Step-By-Step Instructions to change a desktop icon

   1.Right click on the icon you want to change
   2.Left Click Properties
   3.Left Click Customize in the tabs menu
   4.Left Click Change Icon Button
   5.Choose from the icons displayed in the window or click        browse.(you will actually have to click browse to find            the icons in this file)
   6.Locate the directory you have stored your icon files
   7.Double Left Click on the icon of choice
   8.Click OK
   9.Click Apply
 10.Click OK again. Done

Images recovered from Google Images.  
Then converted/resized to .ico file extention 48x48


Nexus Mod Sites link: Fallout Desktop Icons

Piano Resource

This is a resource for modders.

Included is a mesh and a texture for a piano.

This piano is featured in my Paradise Lost quest mod.

Use it as you please, just credit me for the mesh and texture if you are going to include it in a mod you release.

Please PM me with link to your mod if it includes this mesh or texture. Thanks!

                               -This is NOT a mod-


Nexus Mod Sites link: Piano Resource

              Ranger Station Tower              Resource

This is a resource for modders.

Included is a mesh and texture for the tower.

The mesh has collision, but it will have to be modified to enable you to walk on the top of the tower in game.

This Ranger station tower is featured in my Paradise Lost quest mod.

Use this resource as you please, just credit me for the mesh and texture if you are going to include it in a mod you release.

Please PM me with link to your mod if it includes this mesh or texture. Thanks!

                               -This is NOT a mod-


Nexus Mod Sites link: Ranger Station Tower Resource

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