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Weed Shops

(Definitive Edition)

This mod adds numerous marijuana dealers across the land of Rivellon.
All dealers have unique dialogue options and personalities. While you purchase cannabis products, you can also have insightful conversations.
Default traders in the game may also spawn marijuana products in their inventory as well.
These products can be expensive. But well worth the price for the amazing effects of marijuana!


Steam Workshop link: Weed Shops

Nexus Mod Sites link: Weed Shops

Mysterious Chest

(Definitive Edition)

This mod adds a chest near the start location of Fort Joy near the waters edge.

It has a magical red glow so you can't miss it.

Chest Contains

  • 10 permanent stat potions of each type(once used stays active until death)
  • A big pile of gold


Steam Workshop link: Mysterious Chest

Nexus Mod Sites: N/A

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